Why Rent from Us

Gelber Associates Inc. is a New Jersey-based property management company specializing in both residential and commercial real estate. Formally established in 1991, Gelber Associates Inc. has roots all the way back to the local real estate industry of the 1960s. Our primary focus is the management of both residential and commercial assets for our clients and their affiliates. Gelber Associates Inc. operations span the entire State of New Jersey.

Commercial tenants’ benefits

As a leader in commercial tenant services, the Gelber Associates Inc. team is committed to working hard to ensure your business succeeds. We pride ourselves on providing beautifully maintained buildings so you never have to worry about your business’ first impression ever again.

All three of our commercial tenant properties have ample parking, street access, and high visibility to attract new customers. Our three properties are conveniently located in Rahway and Livingston, New Jersey, with easy access to major roadways, public transportation and street traffic.

Client-driven customer service

As experts in the commercial real estate industry, all of our properties are managed to the highest of standards. We go above and beyond for our commercial tenants in terms of customer service, responsiveness and overall professionalism. We know you are trusting us with your business and we are honored to be your partner in your commercial property space.

Dedicated ongoing maintenance

Our field staff and commercial tenant managers are committed to ensuring all of our commercial properties give an excellent first impression. We take great care to maintain and protect our buildings from property damage and foreseeable maintenance issues. You can rest assured that our team is working hard to ensure your business property is well-maintained and has great curb appeal for your customers.

Emergency maintenance

We understand that emergency maintenance concerns have a big impact on your business operations and your bottom line. Our team provides 24/7 emergency maintenance support so you have the peace of mind knowing that immediate concerns are addressed in a timely and effective manner.

Helping to drive sales

Our three commercial rental properties are conveniently located to attract the highest number of customer traffic possible. Located in easy-to-access locations, close to major roadways and public transport, our Gelber Associates Inc. properties have ample customer parking, high visibility, and street appeal, along with a beautifully maintained property.